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Music Production

I have been making records for over 20 years.

Music To Picture

A great film deserves a great soundtrack.

Sound Design

From real world foley effects to abstract, futuristic audio.

Music Supervision

Meeting client briefs is about inspiring you.

Covers & Re-records

I love to breath new life into an old classic.

Music Consultancy

Music is the glue to so much of modern life.

Featured Work

Bringing fresh thinking (listening?) to your project

Static_image_2You need great music for a sophisticated ad campaign, on-brand, on-style and probably yesterday.

Don’t worry, I can ‘do yesterday’. Or maybe you need some sound curatorial ears with the right
hook-ups to not just think beyond the brief, but to really land it?

With 24 years of experience outside any single genre – from working with studio legends like George Martin or producing chart remixes for Kylie Minogue, to music supervising hip hop films and delivering killer ad campaigns for the likes of Adidas – you can trust me to deliver.

Visit my portfolio or get in touch to find out more about how I can make you sound better.

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I blog about music and how it makes me feel


Discover how a love of records and sneakers are intrinsically linked in this culture we call hip hop

Ollie Teeba of the Herbaliser was at the centre of the UK scene when hip hop and the trainers we love today made their introduction and he has an impressive record collection too.

Just because somebody’s quiet doesn’t mean they’ve got nothing to say. The first time I met Ollie Trattles – at his mum’s house in Twickenham in about 1994 or ’95 creating the cover for the debut Herbaliser LP ‘Remedies’ – I don’t remember him saying much at all. What I do remember is his brother Barney playing Jadell and I ‘Back Door‘ and us talking about the samples on The Wiseguys ‘Real Vibes‘. Since then Ollie has said plenty with his incredible records from pioneering British hip hop outfits The Herbaliser and lately Sounsci.

Ollie has been into hip hop since it first hit the UK shores in the early 1980s and knows the culture more deeply than many. He’s not only ‘got the T shirt’, he’s got a lot of shoes and records to go with it. Read this interview with Ollie from Frixshun and find out how, for serious hip hop heads at least, sneakers/trainers/kicks/whatever you want to call them and records are intrinsically linked.

ollie-teeba-2014-image-18      ollie-teeba-2014-image-12      ollie-teeba-2014-image-21

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